Hunted Like Animals

Press Release

JANUARY 2008: “HUNTED LIKE ANIMALS” is an eye-opening documentary about an ongoing, but unknown, genocide on the Hmong Lao people, running and hiding from Laotian and Vietnamese military aggressions in the remote mountainous regions of Laos. Many Hmong, who fought as CIA soldiers during the Secret War, retreated into the inaccessible mountains of Laos after the U.S. pulled out in 1975. They became targets of persecution and retaliation due to their role in the Vietnam War. While most Lao-Hmong are integrated into their country and many Hmong surrendered and continue to come out of the jungle to this day, there are disturbing reports of transgressions by the Lao PDR authorities towards those still in hiding. Over thirty years and a generation later the Hmong-in-hiding are attacked, chased, raped and killed by Laotian soldiers.  Those who surrender face an uncertain fate. “Hunted like Animals”demonstrates that the Hmong-in-hiding in the Laotian military training areas are going through.   They endure genocide, the reason why many escape to Thailand, and become refugees.  This story of human rights violations on the Hmong-in-hiding must be told. 

Filmmaker Rebecca Sommer traveled in 2005 and 2006 to the Hmong refugee camp Ban Huay Nam Khao, Petchabun, in Thailand, focusing on the Hmong Lao who fled military aggressions in Laos. The testimonies of the Hmong refugees, and footages filmed by the Hmong-in-hiding themselves inside of Laos, are interwoven into the documentary like a tapestry, revealing the human face behind the shocking human rights violations in the remote mountains of Laos, where the Hmong are Hunted like Animals.

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